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N-TRAIN Neural Network Development Tools

Neural Network Applications

Neural networks are employed for an ever increasing variety of purposes, including (but not limited to):

Design Considerations and Performance

N-TRAIN, which may be used for any of the above, is a neural network development system designed specifically for speed, capacity and numeric stability.  Double-precision calculations carried out in hand-optimized assembly provide N-TRAIN with exceptional numerical stability.  With N-TRAIN, neural networks can be trained reliably and quickly, even with "difficult" data sets and when other packages fail to converge.  N-TRAIN also performs remarkably on noisy data (such as that from the financial markets and weak signal detection systems) as well as on extremely large data sets.  Several training models, including standard backpropagation and genetic evolution (which is more resistant to local optima), may be specified.  Sophisticated analysis of the significance of each input variable to a model is easily performed.  Finally, complex training and testing procedures may be automated with scripts.  N-TRAIN is designed to run optimally on Linux and Unix systems (including the Mac); however, it will run under Cygwin in Windows.

The product has had great reviews in Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities and in Futures (a comparative review by Mark Jurik).  It was employed in The Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies (Jeffrey Owen Katz & Donna McCormick; McGraw Hill, 2000), to develop a "universal forecaster"; in Computerized Trading (Ed. Mark Jurik; Prentice Hall, 1999) for pattern recognition; and, in Advanced Options Pricing Models (Jeffrey Owen Katz & Donna McCormick; McGraw Hill, 2005) for pricing options.  It has been used by several corporations and numerous governmental agencies. Many users have said that N-TRAIN is faster, provides better generalisation, and is more robust than other packages they have tried.

In his review, John Sweeney (former Editor of Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities) said the following about N-TRAIN:

This is the real thing.  With N-Train there is no waiting.  The program is very, very fast.  N-Train converged quickly in all the examples I gave it.
In "Working With Neural Networks," published in Club 3000 News, Ray Wertheim said:
I have either used or tried four other commercially available products.  The product I have found most useful for my work is called N-Train.  This software allows you to write data directly into files that can then be scaled and trained.  The trained network can then be utilized in a trading system from within TradeStation.
Most impressive of all was an independent, comparative review of about a dozen neural network development packages published by Mark Jurik in Futures Magazine ("Consumer's Guide to Neural Network Software").  When the reviewer's scores were ranked for speed, test bias (generalization), and variance (consistency), and the ranks then averaged, N-TRAIN ranked best in overall performance!


Package Contents and Purchase

N-TRAIN comes with all source code.  Also bundled with the product is "N-TRAIN for C", the N-TRAIN neural network library for embedded applications.  N-TRAIN may be purchased from the software page using PayPal; the software is delivered as a zipfile sent to the purchaser's email address.  The total cost is $495.00 which includes basic technical support.


Consulting on neural networks and their applications in diverse fields (as well as on N-TRAIN itself) is available.  Inquire by email to:

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